Institutional Improved Cookstove by JEEP at Schools

Why to choose this solution?
The stove maximises the energy use by concentrating it in the cooking chamber and less loss to the surroundings.
Savings per day or production:
Within less than 2 years, Kitegomba CoU Primary School has made use of the savings to construct 3 smaller ICS for the school in January 2019.
Cost in money and in own time to construct:
The stove at the Kitegomba Church of Uganda Primary School costed about Ugshs 2 million that incurred (and paid in 4 instalments) with JEEP providing technical support. School charge of Ugshs 3,000 per pupil (development and lunch) contributed to raising this money for initial cost and maintenance of the ICS.
ICS constructed is now 1.5 years and 3 others made since January 2019.
Maintenance needed:
Resources needed in use:
Logs have to be cut into shorter pieces with a chain saw and later split with axes.
Problems and limits:
School lacks fence, outsiders make off with its firewood when in holidays. Cannot borrow money from banks due to conditions set. Technical aspects of the stove: height limits proper mingling of food under preparation; saucepan limitations (no flexibility).
Where and how can you get it or make it?
JEEP promotes this ICS
Skills needed to produce, install. maintenance, use:
Training largely related to masonry work by JEEP.
How to use it:
How to maintain it:
Climate effect (if any):
Cleaner cooking place (kitchen), keeps heat for a longer time after extinguishing the fire (up to 4 hours), means no more energy needed to warm food if needed. Provision of boiled drinking water for the school population is made easier.
Where it is used and how many users are there?
School has pupils and teachers (over 350 persons).
Why is it successful?
Clear results in savings / reduced expenditure for Kitegomba CoU primary school are compelling and have even attracted attention of other schools.
If you can make it, a short description, typical problems, materials needed.:
How to make it (if possible):
How is it delivered and by whom?
JEEP providing building, training to build and technical support.
Successful financial model
What policies and strategies helped the success?
Willingness of the school management and parents to raise the funds requires in instalments in order to construct the ICS. Positive attitude of the school management and cooks to adopt the ICS, and move away from the inefficient three-stone cooking facility.
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Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development
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