Okoa V5 Efficient Household Firewood Stove

Why to choose this solution?
Okoa V5 is efficient firewood stove designed for household cooking purposes. The Okoa V5 stove has thermal efficiency ranging from 50 to 60% as opposed to a three stone fire place with thermal efficiency ranging from 10 to 15%. Okoa V5 reduces firewood consumption by 50% and also has the ability to take out smoke from the kitchen.
Savings per day or production:
Okoa V5 reduces firewood consumption by 50% per day. It also provides the option to cook more than one pot at a time. Furthermore, cooking using V5 reduces the time required for cooking and in-door air pollution.
Cost in money and in own time to construct:
Field experience shows that local masons charge between 25,000 Tsh to 30,000 Tshs (USD 10.75 to 13) per stove. Okoa V5 constructed using burnt bricks, sand and cements cost about 200,000 Tsh (USD 86). Construction of the Okoa V5 stove takes about one to two days.
When mud is the material used to make the stove its life span is estimated to be one year and two years where burnt bricks are used.
Maintenance needed:
The chamber of the chimney needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid tar clogging. The stove requires repair in case cracks emerge.
Resources needed in use:
The stove uses firewood. Okoa V5 can be constructed in different sizes. Okoa V5 can be built using local materials including clay, anthill soil, rice husks/grasses/pieces of sacks, sawdust/ashes. It can also be built using burnt brick, sand and cement. Sometimes depending on user needs ceramic tiles are used for finishing. Materials used for the construction of the stove need to be prepared in advance.
Problems and limits:
Requires firewood which are dry and chopped into small pieces, otherwise the stove may not light well if the firewood used is not well dried. Performance of the stove might be affected if dimensions are not observed and used in construction.
Where and how can you get it or make it?
"The stove is available in Tanzania, promoted by TaTEDO."
Skills needed to produce, install. maintenance, use:
Construction of the Okoa V5 stove requires skilled masons. Major repair and maintenance may also require a skilled mason otherwise the trained operator may clean the chimney and do minor maintenances of the stove.
How to use it:
How to maintain it:
Climate effect (if any):
The Okoa V5 stove contributes to reducing GHGs emissions by reducing the amount of firewood required for cooking leading to reduced biomass harvested.
Where it is used and how many users are there?
Used in Tanzania, especially in rural areas where more than 98% of households use firewood as the main source of energy for cooking. The Okoa V5 stove is used by more than 1,500 households.
Why is it successful?
The Okoa V5 stove achieves efficient firewood combustion by maximizing heat transfer to the food being cooked hence reduction in firewood consumption implying reduced household energy budgets for cooking and reduced deforestation.
If you can make it, a short description, typical problems, materials needed.:
Not relevant, needs a skilled technician.
How to make it (if possible):
Not relevant
How is it delivered and by whom?
Capacity building on technical, business and managerial related issues is offered to masons. Masons are identified at village level, and then trained on how to construct, repair and maintain the stove. They are also provided with the stove manual and tools such as moulds. Trained mason provides such services to the community at a cost which is normally agreed with villagers during introduction of the stove to the village.
Successful financial model
Market based approach is used to disseminate the technology. TaTEDO plays a part in monitoring especially the quality of the stove.
What policies and strategies helped the success?
The Tanzania National Energy Policy of 2015, Tanzania SE4ALL action agenda, Tanzania Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs), Draft Biomass Energy strategy (BEST) and the draft energy efficiency strategy of 2018 recognize the role of improved cook stove as one of the intervention to enhance energy efficiency. In addition, there have been various supports in terms of finance and technical knowhow from development partners.
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